Hello there! I'm Gabriel

Software Engineer


About me

I'm a software engineer & full-stack web developer specialized in commercial projects, startup creations, corporate identity, and personal websites. My job is to bring ideas to life through dynamic client-developer experiences, working as a team to transform amazing ideas into exceptional realities.

When I'm not developing commercial applications, I'm working on personal & open source projects, as well as mentoring beginner programmers and students with an awesome team at The Electric Hive; but the most important thing is, I'm always discovering, learning, and improving, one day at a time.

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Work & projects

For the past 3+ years, I've been working really close to known companies from around the world, doing web consulting & project assessments. Here's a brief overview of my journey as a developer:

Jan 2023
Zemoga, Inc
Senior Frontend Engineer

I performed as the technical leader for the SNY TV project, built scalable websites & web applications with Next.js, TypeScript, TailwindCSS & AWS, de...

Jul 2022
TheoremOne, LLC
Senior Engineering Talent Advocate

I owned, managed & improved the front-end React pipeline, engineered new manual and automatized systems for the different areas of the hiring process,...

Aug 2021
CobuildLab, Inc
React Engineer

I developed commercial-grade applications by implementing full-stack web technologies such as JavaScript with React and TypeScript, GraphQL & more, co...

Apr 2021
Totalcom Venezuela, CA
Systems Engineer

I developed internal tools with web technologies such as React.js, led the engineering team for a custom high-performant streaming service, created & ...

Jan 2020
Software Engineer

I maintained the company's client management system with custom PHP scripts & SQL data querying, configured various servers for monitoring services su...

Apr 2019
Frontend Engineer

I maintained the company's client management system with custom PHP scripts & SQL data querying, configured various servers for monitoring services su...

Jan 2019
CodeWork Venezuela, CA
Full Stack Developer

I Worked with the design & development team to create beautiful, modern & responsive websites for the company's clients with React, developed the comp...

Sep 2018

I learned how to code. 🎉

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Commercial & enterprise

These are some of the most remarkable projects I've had the fortune to develop and see in action:


The home of all things New York sports, New York Mets, New York Jets and more.


Insightt is a revolutionary tool that was designed and built by a repossessor.


Find apartments, choose lease period, sign required documents, enjoy your new apartment.

Totalcom Venezuela

Proveedor de internet empresarial por excelencia, 24 Horas al día, 365 días al año.

Resivenca I+E

Internet + Energía, soluciones de infraestructura e interconexión a tu alcance.

CWV Management System

Centralized project storage & repository management, templates, and resources.


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Personal & open source

Open source & side projects are important too. I've spent a major part of the past couple years working on web development, ai-related stuff & small interesting projects. Some of them are:


👨🏻‍⚕️ The Cardiovascular Unified Real-Time Intelligent System


🐘 The zero-tricks lightweight framework - just you, and PHP


🧠 A C++ neural networks engine


🍎 A macOS Neofetch alternative written in C++


📝 An interactive editor that runs on Electron


🩺 A Python-based Windows app monitor


🎧 A Telegram bot that listens to voice messages, and recognizes music


🪐 A ZSH theme for space lovers out there

The code for this portfolio is also hosted on GitHub, and it's an update from my previous website. Feel free to explore the old one to see how things have changed, as I transitioned towards a more minimalistic approach.

Want to see more projects? Check out my GitHub profile.


I've played with the idea of starting to write my thoughts and experiences in some sort of blog, this is where I'll compile most of the important things I've learned and experienced during my whole coding journey. Feel free to look around!